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Yeast infections are no fun for anybody. Itchiness, rashes, burning sensation, nobody wants to feel like this. And if this is you then listen up. Spirulina is a natural remedy that can help you out and get rid of your yeast infection.

Candida albicans is the most common form of yeast infection accounting for about 90% of all yeast infections. And YES, spirulina is proven to be an effective remedy. But I’ll get into this a little later.

First you need to know that I’m not just talking about women here. Sure vaginal yeast infections are the most known and this is rightly so. But did you know that yeast infections can affect much more? Both men and women. You can get yeast infections almost anywhere on your body, and many people are not aware of this.

Yeast infections mostly occur in areas of the body that are moist. One of the more common spots for such infections is in between the fingers and toes, as well as around the nails. So if you have redness, itching, rashes, and/or discoloration in between your fingers or toes and/or around the nails, this might be due to having a yeast infection.

And if you do have a yeast infection, what better way to get rid of it then with a natural remedy. And I’m talking about spirulina.

Got a yeast infection? Spirulina can help

There are two studies that I have come across that show spirulina as being an effective solution to combating candida albicans infections. I know only two studies is not that much, and there is no doubt there needs to be more testing in this particular area, but there are also personal testimonials that claim it is very effective in getting rid of yeast infections to back the science up.

Anyway, let me briefly inform you on these two studies.

The first can be found in the Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science if you are interested. This study was conducted in 2013 and was performed to test the antibacterial and antiviral effects of spirulina. Candida albicans was one of many that was tested and one of many that was effected by the spirulina. Spirulina proved to lead to the inhibition of candida albicans growth [1].

The other study I found is very similar to the previous. It was a study to find antibacterial and antifungal effects of spirulina, and this was performed on a wide number of bacterias and fungi. The results here were the same. Spirulina proved to be effective at inhibiting candida albicans. You can find more about this in the International Journal of Ecology and Development [2].

One thing that you should note about these studies is that they both were performed in vitro, which means they were done in a test tube or something of that nature. But again, there are personal testimonials to back up these scientific claims.

Should you try taking spirulina to get rid of your yeast infection?

This is just going to be one of those things that you have to try out for yourself to see if it works. Like I mentioned earlier, candida albicans accounts for rougly 90% of all yeast infections. And spirulina is proven to inhibit candida albicans, which would get rid of your yeast infection.

So yes I do think you should try taking spirulina. Spirulina is an all around healthy food that will benefit you in a lot of other ways, besides just curing your yeast infection. You could consider it a holistic health supplement.

However, you must be careful when buying spirulina. This is something I tell everybody because it is so important.

caution-spirulinaWhere to buy spirulina

You have to be careful when selecting what spirulina to buy. Why? The main reason is because spirulina has a natural ability to absorb things from its environment. And if its grown in polluted or contaminated waters, it will absorb those toxins. Its a good thing if you are taking spirulina to detox your body, but obviously a bad thing if you were to purchase it grown in poor quality standards.

So how do you know what spirulina to get?

I have reviewed some of the highest quality products that I have come across below. These products are all grown without the use of chemicals and are grown in an environment with quality assurance.

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Studies Mentioned:

1) In vitro antiviral and antimicrobial activities of Spirulina platensis extract. Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science 3 (12); 2013: 052-056

2) In Vitro Study of Antibacterial and Antifungal Activity of Spirulina Platensis. International Journal of Ecology and Development. 2010, Volume (Special), 16 Number 2 (S10)


  • Jean

    I just got done reading one of your other articles about spirulina and all i can see is i am very happy to have found this site. For a product I have never heard of it sure does seem to be able to do a lot.

    I have actually heard of a few “super” foods/supplements that are great for combating yeast. I trained under a dr that was convinced he had a persistent full body yeast infection that was affecting his gut and bringing down is overall quality of life.

    Do you think it could be applied in like paste form to areas like the skin or do studies seem to show it would work best from the inside out. Because it seems like it could be really good for the obese as well in those hard to reach areas and the moist areas that form between touching skin. I worked in a nursing facility for years so I know that it can appear in quite a few places if you aren’t careful.

    I would be interested to know if it is also effective against other infections such as athletes foot.

    Thanks for the info,

    • Kyle

      In this situation I think it would work better if you ingested the spirulina. If its affecting his whole body then it sounds like the candida albicans has spread into his bloodstream, which is rare but possible.

      But it could also be applied as a paste, as your skin will absorb some of the nutrients. I’m just not sure how effective it would be in this case.

      That is a great question Jean. Thanks for reading.

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