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Hi Friend. My name is Kyle and I am somewhat of a health food fanatic. I live by the phrase “you are 0201160839awhat you eat” (of course not literal). If you eat unhealthy then you are going to be unhealthy one way or another. You may not look it, but you are.

I also am a believer in unprocessed natural food sources. Lets food back to its roots. Before there was Lunchables, Captain Crunch, and Big Macs. Every time food manufacturers make food more appealing by tasting better, or looking more appetizing, or just whatever else, there is a good chance they are compromising the integrity and health of the food.

Ever heard of the quote “more is less, less is more ”  by Lao Tzu ? Keep your foods simple.

I like to keep my foods simple and natural as much as possible. Now I say as much as possible because there are times when I am starving out of my mind and there happens to McDonalds nearby. You know the rest. But this is very rare.

The reason I created this site is…

to spread awareness of the great benefits of spirulina. It is just a great all around food source and needs to more widely used. Not only is it the most nutrient dense food source known to mankind, but it is easily harvested and poses no environmental problems when grown.

Spirulina has so many nutritional benefits that everyone should be eating it. One of its most notable is its protein content, which is the highest of any natural food. Thats right! more than meat, fish, eggs, you name it. Spirulina is an excellent protein source and is especially good for vegans, which exclude meats. It is considered a complete protein source.

Ok I’m starting to get a little carried away here, back to “about me”

As you may guess from me being a strong advocate of healthy food, I am also very much into fitness, bodybuilding in particular. I enjoy weight training and do so about 5-6 days a week. I would say it is my favorite hobby and has been so for quite a while.

The fact that I am into bodybuilding probably has something to do with why I like my spirulina so much. When I starting eating spirulina I stopped taking protein powder shakes and have replaced them with spirulina shakes and get around the same protein, and of course much more benefits.

I have been taking spirulina for quite a while now and with time comes wisdom. So if you ever have a question about spirulina benefits, recipes, quality…. Just ask me. Chances are I’ll be able to help you out.

You can email me at kyle@spirulinathegreat.com

Anyways, I hope you find my website helpful and a benefit to your health,



Founder of Spirulina the Great

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