How Much Protein in Spirulina?

If you haven’t heard, Yes spirulina has the highest protein content of any natural food source, more than meats, fish, you name it. But how big of a difference is there? How much protein in spirulina vs meats and fish?

Theres a LOT more, a lot. Per weight it has over twice that of beef and nearly doubles tuna, the fish with the most protein. Take a look below at the protein content of 100 grams of each.spirulinaprotein

Spirulina is absolutely packed with protein. According to this analysis (courtesy of SelfNutritionData) spirulina has 57g of protein per every 100g, so its 57% protein. However, spirulina often contains even higher amounts, ranging from 55-70% protein.

The reason for such significant differences in spirulina’s protein content is said to be due to the time at which it is harvested and the amount of daylight. Spirulina must be harvested at early daylight for its protein content to be highest [2].

Not only is it the food with the highest protein content, but spirulina’s protein is also very “usable” in the body

What I mean here is that the protein that spirulina provides you with is easily digestible, more so than much of the other protein sources you are probably used to eating. If your body doesn’t digest it, then its not getting any value out of it.

Digestibility is often overlooked, yet one of the most important factors when it comes to nutrition.

Spirulina’s protein has a digestibility percentage of around 85-95%, much higher than that of beef and other meats. Much of it easy digestibility can be attributed to the fact that its cell walls contain no cellulose [1]. Cellulose cannot be digested because the human body does not have enzymes that are able to break it down. So without cellulose to get in the way, the amino acids that make up the protein in spirulina are readily digested and absorbed.

Cellulose is not uncommon and can be found in many different fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc.

Spirulina is the best of both worlds when it comes to protein

You can’t ask for much more here. Spirulina provides you with a heck of a lot of protein, and the huge amount of protein that it provides is easily digestible.

So forget about the morning or post workout protein shake. Try a spirulina smoothie instead. I have a review of the best spirulina powders that you can get.

The only other big factor that comes into play when you are looking into the quality of protein is the make-up of that protein.

What amino acids does it contain and how much? Is it a “complete” protein?

Questions like these need to be answered to get a good look at how the protein is really going to effect you. You can read more about spirulina’s protein content here.

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  • Wow! Very interesting. I was not aware that Spirulina had more protein than meat. And being easier to digest makes it a good choice to add to my diet. I know that it is considered a superfood. I was wondering if it has all the amino acids or is it like any other plant protein? Thanks for this very interesting info.

    • Yes its protein is “complete” with all essential amino acids. And no its not like plant protein. Spirulina actually isn’t even a plant, even though many people list it as a vegetarian food. Its bacteria.

  • I found your article very informative. My daughter is always having a protein shake before going to the gym so I’m going to suggest that she looks into spirulina as an alternative. I’m sure it would be a healthier option.

  • A friend was just asking on facebook the other day about foods with more protein in them. Think I will go ahead and share your article with them, hopefully it is what they are looking for. Funny how I just happened to stumble across this not long after seeing their question. Thanks!

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