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When it comes to the quality of spirulina you need to know one thing FOR SURE before you buy. And that is that the environment it comes from is EXTREMELY important.

If you are looking to buy spiruilna in any form, powder, tablet, or pill, you NEED to be sure you are getting spirulina from a clean, quality source. As spirulina grows, it picks up things from the waters in which it lives. Heavy metals, bacteria, and pollution are all known to be absorbed by spirulina and can be harmful if ingested.

200 years ago it probably would have been a good choice to get spirulina straight from natural sources such as lakes and oceans. But today the fact of the matter is that our environment is much more filthy and harmful. So buying spirulina from man-made habitats that are tested and quality controlled is the better choice.


I want to help you find the better spirulina products out there and avoid the potentially harmful ones. Spirulina can be harmful but it doesn’t have to be. There are GREAT, clean products out there that live up to all of the greatness you have heard.

So what are you looking to buy?

Like I said, spirulina can be purchased in powder, tablet, or capsule form. They are all great choices and it is absolutely up to you what to choose.

I will warn you though, spirulina is not exactly what you would call “good” tasting. Its pretty bad tasting in my opinion and pretty much everyone elses. So if you worry about not being able to stomach the taste you should go with the tablets or capules. With good tablet and capsule products you shouldn’t taste a thing.

As for the powder, they taste bad but the taste can be masked. I take powder spirulina and do so by making a smoothie with it. You won’t completely mask the taste because it is such a concentrated and dense food, but you can make it much easier to ingest. I actually have never had a problem drinking my spirulina smoothies.

Whatever you end up buying, make sure that you know the source of where it comes from.

If you want to find quality products that I have reviewed click on one of the images above.


  • kumar

    u didnt mentioned the reasons y u have chosen this particulars manufacturer? How it is better with peer producers ? What are the differences ( process of manufacturing ) u observed ?

    • The manufacturers that I choose are very transparent. They provide info on how they grow their spirulina, how they harvest it, how they package it, etc. They also are heavily regulated by the government and 3rd party organizations.

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