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Spirulina and Constipation – What You Need To Know

Constipation seems to be one of the most common talked about side effects to consuming spirulina. But is there any truth to this? Are spirulina and constipation linked? To answer this question I looked into what it is about spirulina that could potentially cause constipation. And what I found is somewhat of a mixed view. While some of the many nutrients in spirulina can cause constipation, there are also properties of spirulina that should actually reduce the chances of constipation. But lets begin by going over some of the reasons why spirulina may be causing constipation. Why Spirulina Might Be Causing Constipation Iron May Be The Cause Studies show that too high of a dietary iron intake will indeed cause constipation. And spirulina does contain a hefty amount of iron, about 2mg

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