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Get Iodine Naturally – Best Organic Iodine Supplement?

With all the health risks associated with synthetic supplements out there, its a no-brainer that you want to get iodine naturally. And there is one great natural source of iodine that I want to bring to your attention. The source is... Spirulina! Yes spirulina. If you are unfamiliar with what this is, it is called a blue-green algae but is actually a cyanobacteria that is becoming more and more popular in the recent years due to its numerous health benefits. It is considered the most nutrient dense food on the planet and holds several records for nutrient concentration. But what I want to bring to your attention here is that spirulina is NOT a very good source of iodine. Sure it contains iodine, and plenty of it, but I do not recommend that you supplement spirulina for this reason an...

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