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How To Ferment Spirulina – A Simple Way To Do It

Fermenting spirulina can be very beneficial, allowing its nutrients to be more easily absorbed. During fermentation sugars are converted into lactic acid. It kickstarts the digestion process and makes it easier for your body to get what it needs. Spirulina is often fermented for its protein content. Fermenting protein makes the individual amino acids more easily available, which means you have a better chance of absorbing them and getting your use out of them. The process of fermentation can be complicated but it doesn't have to be. I'm going to go over a very simple and easy to follow process that anyone can do, and it works just fine. How To Ferment Spirulina Steps: 1: Kefir Starter First you are going to start out with a probiotic, in this case I recommend a kefir starter. 2:

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