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Does Spirulina Stain Teeth? You Better Believe It Does

If you are wondering "does spirulina stain your teeth?" The answer is YES it does. I have a little personal story to tell you about this, as it happened to me. But first of all, not all spirulina forms will stain your teeth. If you are taking spirulina tablets or spirulina capsules you will not have this problem. Why? Well because it doesn't even get on your teeth! Spirulina powder is what will stain them. Spirulina Powder Stains Teeth Spirulina has such a rich dark blue-green pigment that it is no wonder that it can stain things. It seems like whatever it gets on it will just stick to with its dense color. If you have ever took spirulina powder, whether it be in a smoothie, in water, baked in something, or whatever else, you probably have noticed that it is stuck all over your tee...

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