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The Vitamix 7500, Review

Product - The Vitamix 7300 (review) Price - $528.95 & FREE Shipping Cheapest Place to Buy - Guarantee - Yep (7 year warranty!) The Vitamix 7500 Overview Ever since I started taking spirulina powder, I wake up each morning and enjoy a spirulina smoothie, which usually consists of milk, fruit, spirulina powder, and maybe a little bit of water. The Vitamix 7500 blender is one of two blenders that I currently own, and its awesome. It whips me up a VERY high quality smoothie, juice, or salsa in no time. The Vitamix 7500 has a 60 ounce container, which gives you plenty of room. Sometimes I make enough for two smoothies and keep one for later. It has a lot of power with its 2.2 horsepower motor. You will not have a problem blending tough foods. What Makes it GREAT

Earthrise Spirulina Review – How good are their spirulina tablets?

Not all spirulina tablets are created equal and some are not that great. But Earthrise's are great. In this Earthrise Spirulina review I will go over some of the reasons why I think their spirulina tablets are a great quality product  Earthrise puts a lot of effort into making their spirulina the best, from a quality growing environment to many quality ensurance inspections. Oh, and the price is great. Why Earthrise Spirulina Tablets are such HIGH QUALITY Like I said, Earthrise really puts a lot of effort into giving its spirulina the best and healthiest environment to grow in WITHOUT any pesticides, herbicides, or other chemicals. They pump in water (filtered) from the Colorado River, which is already rich in nutrient, and then they add more nutrients to the water. They add clean and

Grow Spirulina, Home Kit

If you are serious about your spirulina you may want to give growing it a try yourself. Trying to grow spirulina at home can be difficult if you don't know what you are doing or don't have the right materials. If you are interested you should seriously consider this at home spirulina growing kit. Media Kit: Media for 5 Gallons of Spirulina or other Alkali Algae Made By: Algae Research Supply Includes: Nutrient fertilizer, salts, & instructions Cheapest Place to Buy: for $19.99 What it is in a nutshell This kit is exactly what it says it is, a media for you to grow your spirulina in. The nutrients it includes is exactly what spirulina needs to grow healthy and strong. They are NOT just a mix of nutrients that MIGHT work. They are carefully selected and are based

Is Spirulina a Plant?

Is spirulina a plant? Heck no. I don't know why everyone keeps classifying it with plant foods. Maybe its because spirulina uses photosynthesis that people think its a plant. But its NOT a plant. Its not an animal. So then what the heck is it? What the heck is spirulina? Spirulina is a type of bacteria called cyanobacterium. Its commonly called blue-green algae. And no not all algaes are plants. Algae simply refers to aquatic organisms that are capable of photosynthesis. This would include a variety of organisms. Spirulina is made up of single cell bacteria and is extremely tiny. The only reason you can see spirulina is because the bacteria groups together to form large colonies. The individual organisms are either rod or disk shaped, more commonly rod shaped and often spiral around.

What is the Best Way to Take Spirulina Powder?

Spirulina powder can have a disgusting taste to it and it is hard to deal with for most people. But this taste can be dealt with if you eat it the right way. So what is the best way to take spirulina powder? In my opinion it is by mixing spirulina in with a nice smoothie If you use the right ingredients it can help mask the taste of spirulina and doesn't taste all that bad. If you get everything right it CAN actually be enjoyable. You don't have to dread taking your spirulina anymore. There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of different recipes out there for the perfect spirulina smoothie. But pretty much all of them have a couple things in common. They use milk, fruit, and of course spirulina. Thats the BASIC spirulina smoothie guideline right there. To get you started I'll give

How Does Spirulina Taste? The Truth

Alas, the taste of spirulina. Everyone is always wondering "how does spirulina taste?" and I'm here to give you the truth. Not everything can be good right? I mean spirulina has so many benefits, somethings got to give, right? So does spirulina taste good? Absolutely NOT! This is the downside to spirulina. Most of the products out there are horribly disgusting.. I still remember opening my first container of spirulina powder and breathing in the potently horrid smell and holding my breath as I thought to myself that I might have to return this stuff. But I will say that QUALITY SPIRULINA isn't that bad Not all spirulina is equal. There are many factors that differ in the environments in which spirulina is grown and this ultimately leads to spirulina being different. I'm not exactly

A Review of Nutrex Spirulina Tablets

Not all spirulina tablets are created equal. Spirulina is well known to vary a good deal with the quality of the environment in which it is raised. With this in mind, I'm going to review Nutrex Spirulina Tablets. It is a must to purchase spirulina from a quality source. And if you have read any of my other Nutrex Hawaii spirulina reviews you know that I support this brand. Why? Because they put a lot of effort in growing and selling high quality spirulina that is just about as clean as it could possibly be. Being that Nutrex Hawaii is in the USA, they are subject to inspections from several different government agencies. This is one of the great things about USA production. All the regulations that Nutrex Hawaii has to meet assures quality and safety of their product. So what ag...

Nutrex Spirulina Powder – Review

Spirulina Powder
So you are wondering if Nutrex spirulina powder is worth the money? Is it a good quality spirulina? To answer this the main thing we need to look at is what Nutrex Hawaii does to ensure that their product is top quality. The source it comes from is always important As you can see this product is made in the USA! Thats a huge plus. The United States has some of the strictest food regulations around. Now if it were coming from China thats another story. This spirulina is grown on Kona Coast which is located on the big island of Hawaii. This area is a biosecure zone and is certified free of pesticides, herbicides, and industrial pollutants. Nutrex Hawaii's spirulina is regulated by 4 different agencies! Straight from Nutrex Hawaii's website you can find this information. The spirul